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About Our Auto Repair Shop

Your Trusted Auto Repair Shop in Centennial, CO

Started by Geoff Waters, an ASE-certified automotive repair technician, Waters Auto Repair has established itself as one of the most highly-rated and trusted auto repair shops in Centennial, Colorado. Geoff’s career in automotive repair started as a result of his childhood passion for fixing cars and machines. At the age of 15, he started working on cars in his garage and knew he found his calling.

After working at many well-known dealerships for over 20 years and driving his love and passion for automotive repair, Geoff started Waters Auto Repair in 2017. He is dedicated to delivering excellent service and educating his customers on how to better care for their vehicles. His attention to detail and quality of service have paid off by providing Waters Auto Repair with a loyal, friendly family of customers. That’s what makes Waters Auto Repair the best car service in Centennial!

Our Certified Auto Mechanics


Highly organized and excels at delegating tasks to the team.


Has an eye for detail and can spot issues that others might miss.


Expert troubleshooter - no matter how complex the issue.

Our Blog

Learn more about your vehicle and the maintenance and updates your car requires. We also post trending topics of technological advancements in vehicles. Check back frequently for new content and updates.

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