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Transmission Services

The function of a car's transmission is fairly straightforward. Your vehicle's transmission ensures the appropriate amount of engine power transfers to the wheels.

While most transmissions are automatic today, we have some car enthusiasts who still prefer manual systems. And, some vehicles are fitted with Four-Wheel Drive Transmissions. Whatever transmission type your vehicle has, Waters Auto Repair has the expertise to service and maintain your vehicle's transmission.

Transmission Flush

Like many auto parts, car transmissions aren't built to last forever. However, you can increase your vehicle's transmission's lifespan by performing regular automotive maintenance. Most automotive manufacturers recommend a transmission flush every 30,000 miles or every two years. For your regular routine vehicle maintenance, trust Waters Auto Repair in Centennial for your automotive maintenance needs. Flushing the used fluid from the transmission clears away particles and metal shavings, allowing your transmission to operate clearly.

If you hear grinding or strange noises, have issues shifting gears, feel gears slipping, the car surges forward, or you feel delays in vehicle movement, you may have a transmission issue. It's important to address these issues as soon as possible to ensure the safety of your vehicle so that you are not stranded somewhere on the road.


Transmission Repair or Rebuild

When your transmission has stopped operating properly, you may need to rebuild or replace your transmission. Rebuilding your transmission is the most economical, but is not always available. Rebuilding a transmission involves disassembling many parts under the hood simply to remove the transmission. Rebuilding a transmission is time-consuming and technical. Trust our certified auto mechanics with your transmission. 

In some cases, when obtaining parts or rebuilding the transmission is unavailable, we may recommend replacing the transmission. 

Transmission Replacement

Your motor vehicle's transmission includes the torque converter, hydraulic pump, planetary gears, gearbox, clutches, etc. We have the connections to offer you the right prices and replacement options for your vehicle. Our experienced certified mechanics can help you make the best decision for your vehicle and your wallet.

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