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Automotive Air Conditioning (AC) Repair

Is your car's AC not cooling as much as you'd like, or not at all? Let us help you get your AC recharged and working again with automotive air conditioner repair near you in Centennial at Waters Auto Repair. 

Many things can go wrong with your vehicle's AC system. When your car's air conditioner is not cooling, blowing hot air, smells strange, or not blowing at all, our auto mechanics are here to help you. We help thousands of vehicles each year perform their best. 

Common Automotive AC Repair Services

When your car's air conditioning begins to lose cooling power or fails to blow cool air, it may be time for a simple freon recharge. Recharging your car's AC is often the treatment for a poorly functioning cooling system. Waters Auto Repair in Centennial and Aurora can recharge your freon quickly and effectively. We also check for leaks with the safe dies we use within the system.

Recharging your freon is often a quick and inexpensive auto repair service that can help you manage the summer heat. If freon leaks from your system, a cracked hose or seal usually indicates that a more significant repair is needed.


Vehicle Air Conditioner Parts & Services

Your car's AC system comprises of four working parts: The AC compressor, AC condenser, AC evaporator, and the thermal expansion valve or orifice tube.

Automotive AC Compressor Repair

The cool air in your car is produced primarily by your vehicle's AC compressor. Your vehicle's AC compressor's primary functions include:

  • Pressurizing the coolant.
  • Controlling temperature output.
  • Sensing temperature changes.
  • Moving air to your car's AC condenser.

AC Condenser Repair 

Your vehicle's AC condenser reduces temperatures and pressures. The condenser is essential to keeping your vehicle's cabin temperature cool. It moves cooled liquid refrigerant through the system.

AC Evaporator Repair

Your vehicle's AC evaporator cools the air that is blown into your car's cabin. It also unintentionally removes moisture in the air, allowing your vehicle to clear windows of any moisture accumulation.

AC Thermal Expansion Valve Repair

Your vehicle's thermal expansion valve monitors the pressure and temperature of your AC system and calculates the amount of refrigerant that can safely go into the evaporator.

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