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Engine Repair

Your vehicle's engine requires periodic maintenance as components wear down. Ignoring vital engine maintenance impacts the longevity of your car, truck, or SUV. Our trusted auto mechanics in Centennial and Aurora enjoy what they do and are honest and forthcoming. If you are having engine trouble or simply require the 30K, 60K, or 90K mile service, call us at 720-299-3767 or visit our auto repair shop in Centennial, CO.

Check Engine Light

Your vehicle is most likely fitted with sensors that report when an issue is occurring or when maintenance is required. When the computers and sensors detect something, your car's check engine light will appear. In most cases, the check engine light indicates periodic maintenance. However, it could also mean a severe issue is happening that should be identified immediately for your safety and the vehicle's health. When your check engine light appears, call us as soon as possible to diagnose your vehicle's issues. The quicker the issue is diagnosed, the better.



Fuel Injection vs. Carburetors

Fuel injection has been the primary means of sending fuel to your engine since the early 90's. The fuel injector ejects fuel into a fine spray and increases or decreases fuel output by a mechanical or electrical control unit. A vehicle carburetor works on the static pressure principle, where fuel is drawn into the carburetor by the vacuum created on the down-stroke of the piston.

If your fuel injection system fails, your vehicle will perform poorly and may destroy your engine. Although most vehicles today work with a fuel injection system, we are also happy to work with carbureted systems.


Automotive Spark Plugs

Your car's spark plug delivers electric current or spark to the combustion chamber from the ignition system. This spark will ignite the mixture of air and fuel to enable the engine to work smoothly. Spark plugs wear out over time and require replacement at specific mile markers to ensure your vehicle can start and run normally.

Combustion & Ignition Systems

A leak in your combustion system, worn seals, or worn piston rings will cause your engine to lose power. Too much heat and pressure in your vehicle's combustion chamber can cause a loud knock. Abnormal engine noise is not good; the louder the noise, the more severe the problem is.

An ignition system allows the mixture of fuel and air to ignite. A properly working ignition system allows your car to start and perform properly.


Oil, Lube, and Filters

A car's engine runs smoothly with oil, lube, and filters. These items become contaminated as they work, and replacement every 3K-5K miles is recommended. You can destroy your engine if your vehicle leaks oil or has low or no oil.

Cylinder Block & Cylinder Head

The engine block contains all the components that make up the bottom end of a motor. The crankshaft spins in the cylinder block as pistons move when combustion occurs. A cylinder block is designed to be extremely strong and handle extreme pressure and heat. However, your vehicle's engine block is susceptible to failure. Failure can be caused by cracks, oil leaks, low compression, etc.

A cylinder head is typically the top end of your motor, forming the combustion chamber. The cylinder head's primary function is to regulate airflow in and out of the engine and seal the cylinders. If your vehicle is difficult to drive, have a Water Auto Repair mechanic look at your car, truck, or SUV.

Engine Repair, Rebuild, Replacement

Your car's engine, indeed, has a lifespan. Some vehicles' engines last longer than others, but eventually, all engines will deteriorate. If your car, truck, or SUV requires major engine repair, let us help you decide whether a repair, engine rebuild, or engine replacement is right for you. In today's economic circumstances, repairing, rebuilding, or replacing your car's engine is often more budget-friendly than purchasing a new or used vehicle.

Auto Repair and Engine Maintenance

All vehicle manufacturers provide care and preventive maintenance to ensure your car, truck, or SUV runs safely and efficiently and increases its lifespan. Increase your engine's lifespan by performing regular automotive maintenance. To have your engine maintained by professional mechanics in Aurora and Centennial, call Waters Auto Repair today.

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